Josephine Douglas and Pete Murray introduce:

Freddie Mills
Don Lang and his Frantic Five
The Vipers Skiffle Group
Murray Campbell and his trumpet
Ronnie Keene and his Orchestra

Guest star:

Frankie Vaughan

Special guest appearance of:

Roger Bannister
Chris Brasher

Tonight’s programme is a Boys’ Club edition and will virtually launch the Boys’ Club Week which starts on Monday. The guest star of the programme, Liverpool-born Frankie Vaughan, is himself a former member of the Lancashire Boys’ Club. During the past two years he has appeared without charge at nearly a hundred Boys’ Club shows, and has also given the royalties of two of his best-selling records to the same cause. Roger Bannister, also making an appearance, is Chairman of the Physical Fitness Committee of the National Association of Boys’ Clubs, and Chris Brasher is Chairman of the Association’s Art Advisory Committee.

Radio Times, 19-10-1957
Radio Times, 19-10-1957

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