Josephine Douglas and Pete Murray introducing among others:

Lita Roza,
Danny Purchase,
The Mudlarks,
Freddie Mills,
Humphrey Lyttelton and his Band,
The Vipers Skiffle Group,
Bruce Turner Jump Band and Jim Dale

Stanley Dale’s National Skiffle Contest:
This week: The Alley Cats of Chiswick v. The Rebels of Leeds

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  • jimmy Caunter

    i was just wondering if anyone had film of this part of the show
    The Alley Cats of Chiswick v. The Rebels of Leeds, as my farther was part of The Ally Cats, and my mother also played the washboard in this clip. there is a clip of the Ally Cats playing inside Poutneys hair in Hounslow, on youtube, but my farther was not there on that occasion.

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